Ishihara Corporation

Sorting Center

Ishihara’s walnuts sorting center in Japan

In 1998, Ishihara established its sorting center, Japan to provide walnuts sorted domestically.

Ishihara’s walnuts have been acclaimed for the paucity of foreign material in its product. However, broken shell pieces are blended within a scope of specifications. At the Sorting Center, we exclude those foreign material meticulously, along with defective kernels like discolored ones, in order to provide walnuts of the very best quality.

Samples of foreign material (broken shell pieces

We perform metal detection and X-ray inspection. Then, we hand sort walnuts in a static state.
We eliminate discolored walnuts as well, which tend to elicit complaints from customers.

Ishihara’s sorting skills has been praised for its excellence in technics and highly evaluated among customers, referred to as being obviously different from those mechanically sorted or sorted overseas.

Omiya Sorting Center1

Omiya Sorting Center2

株式会社イシハラ クルミ国内選別品

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