Ishihara Corporation

Message from the President

Delicious confectionery makes everyone smile.

Our mission is to provide good raw materials used for confectionery.

Ishihara strives to bring our customers raw materials of only high quality from and outside of Japan.

All of us at Ishihara wish to deliver delicious confectionery made with our raw materials to people around the world. At the same time, we never forget to prioritize food safety.

At the core of our company philosophy is a belief that “Making delicious confectionery is only possible using good raw materials”. With this in mind, we have been looking for the very best raw materials from around the globe.

Ishihara prides itself for its highly-motivated staff members and its stable sales figures.

Delicious confectionery makes everyone smile.
From us to you – only the very best food from around the world.

Akira Koike